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How Marvel Zombies Gave us the Purest Version of Spider-Man

How Marvel Zombies Gave Us The Purest Version Of Spider-Man
When you think about Spider-Man, you probably think about the jokes, the quips.

You probably don't think about how he's a guilt-ridden sadsack whose whole existence is centered around waging a shameful war against events that he cannot change.
Yes, Spider-Man embodies many things, hope, and willpower. Bugs.
But, underneath all of that, you really have to remember that Peter Parker, Spider-Man's primary motivation, is the guilt he feels for failing his loved ones.
Sure, he first donned the mask to wrestle and appear on TV for selfish gain, but it wasn't until Uncle Ben died at the hands of a burglar that Peter Parker indeed became Spider-Man.
While other heroes out there might fight for honor or revenge or glory, Spider-Man is mostly motivated by knowing that he could have been better.
This gets dealt with a lot in Spider-Man comics, but in a surprising way, the zany, weird high concept Marvel Zombies actually reveals…
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Do You Know The Secret Ingredient Of The Super Soldier Serum?

Do You Know The Secret Ingredient Of The Super Soldier Serum?
There are many different ways to acquire superpowers, and some of them are way less fun than others. 
But while we know how Steve Rogers got his superpowers do we really know what is actually in the Super Soldier Serum. 
Maybe it's a secret, not precisely the scientific ingredient that we've seen as a requirement in the MCU before.
As you could probably guess from the name, the Super Soldier Serum was meant to create the perfect soldier. 
It was developed by dr. Abraham Erskine manta's research was so revolutionary that nobody's been able to get it just right ever since.
Not only to Steve Rogers get to be the perfect human specimen, but he alone held that honor at least until he went back in time to live out his life with Peggy Carter in Avengers endgame.

The serum may make you a perfect human being, but humans still aren't immortal, preceding the Super Soldier Serum worked out great for Steve Rogers who got to…

What Nobody Realized About Pepper Potts In Avengers Endgame

What Nobody Realized About Pepper Potts In Avengers Endgame
In the early days of the MCU, the on-screen romances we saw were less than compelling more often than not.
Pepperpot stood out as a compelling character and one who could put up with Tony Stark, which is much easier said than done.
We will talk about the surprisingly important role she played in avengers endgame and how she could even help shape the future of the MCU as we move into phase four and beyond.
despite not having any superpowers Pepper Potts has always been one of the most impressive characters in the MCU.
Seriously we know it is easy to get hung up on all the heroes flying around blasting things apart but let us take a moment to appreciate how great Pepper Potts is at being a human.
Okay now let us get back to the superhero stuff, in the lead-up to Avengers endgame we had a few supposed to the leaks courtesy of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, during an interview she spoke about the character of Pepper Potts and how things woul…

9 Things You Did not Know About The 5th Element!

9 Things You Did not Know About The 5th Element!
let's talk about a movie from director Luc Besson that is beloved by a lot of your Internet-y types.
And we're not just doing five things, because it would be catchy and make sense.
Here are nine things you didn't know about The Fifth Element, probably.
✔️Since The Fifth Element takes place in the future and all that junk, the costuming was pretty remarkable.
But most people don't know that Jean-Paul Gautier, the guy responsible for Madonna's famous cone bra, also designed costumes for the Fifth Element.
He and Luc Besson met at a party for Madonna in Cannes.
Check: Dumb Things People Ignored in Captain Marvel.
✔️Next thing you know, Gautier was whipping up designs for Mila Jovavich's tasty hoots.
Crazy costumes paired with Chris Tucker's performance are what really brought Ruby Raw to life.
What you may not know is before they settled on Tucker, the filmmakers considered Lenny Kravitz for the role.
I know, crazy.
But yo…