Rangoli Calls Taapsee Pannu A Sasti Copy Of Kangana Ranaut! Know Why?

Just like Kangana Ranaut, it's a known the fact that her sister Rangoli Chandel doesn't mince her words on Twitter.
Rangoli Calls Taapsee Pannu A Sasti Copy Of Kangana Ranaut! Know Why?

Rangoli is often seeing calling out several big celebrities for various things that they have done, and yet again, she has raked in the storm with her tweets.

This time rangoli has ranted against actress Tapsee Pannu; it so happened that Tapsee commented on Kangana's latest film trailer 'judgmental hai kya' calling it a cool film, which was worth the high expectations she had from it. 

However, what triggered Rangoli was the fact that Taapsee had not named Kangana in her tweet.

moreover, in a rant on Twitter, she attacked the GAMEOVER actress by calling her a "Sasti copy of Kangana."

This obviously didn't go down very  well with many, and one of them was the director Anurag Kashyap who has worked with both the actresses. 

The filmmaker hit back at Kangana's sister and her needless
attack on Taapsee.

here's what he said


Not one to budge an inch and reverting immediately on his tweet, rangoli said it wasn't so much about mentioning Kangana's name but people are taking a dig at her.

Through her tweet. Rangoli revealed that Taapsee had once commented on Kangana saying that she needed a double filter, 

Rangoli then told Anurag to back off since he didn't know
what he was talking about.

Earlier too rangoli fought with Varun Dhawan when he shared the trailer of judgemental hai kya but, didn't mention Kangana's name

however, being the gentleman that he is, Varun retweeted her tweet and this time took everyone's name, including Kangana's.

While Taapsee has maintained her dignity by choosing to not comment on the issue. it seems like rangoli has stirred up a storm yet again.

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