Chahatt Khanna Speaks About Her Life In Interview

Chahatt Khanna Speaks About Her Life In Interview

Chahatt Khanna Speaks About Her Life In Interview

TV celebrity Chahatt Khanna is now making a comeback at the entertainment business, leaving her troubled marriage and standing tall for the two daughters.

The celebrity in dialogue with a leading channel showed how life has changed post her divorce, being a single mother of her two daughters and the way people perceive her place a failed relation with Farhan Mirza. 

The actress spilled the beans about her private in addition to professional life in her interview.

Talking about her marriage and divorce with Farhan, the actress stated, "It's simple to get married but hard to get divorced. It takes another four to five years. It is hard because when you introduce yourself as one mom in society, a lot of people wish to take advantage of your vulnerability. My co-actors walk around me and ask 'If you're single, I would have married you' Or 'Life is finished for you since you won't find love again' etc. Many suggested me to settle overseas as life could be simpler there. I would like to be happy. Therefore I am not getting married for sure, but why if I leave my residence?"

Like this was not enough for the actress to undergo, she also spoke how people look at her and what they believe. "I feel aware of walking in people since I could feel all eyes on me; people call me names and tell other people to avoid me. I'm getting specialist aid to get me through this. I really don't think any stigma attached to seeing a psychologist. It's something people need to do on a normal basis," the actress further added.

While sharing her experience shooting Sanjay Dutt's next political thriller, 'Prasthanam,' she added, "That is my fourth movie. Sanjay Dutt is a fun-loving guy, although I do not have a lot of scenes. The popularity that tv shows bring you is far beyond what a movie may give you. You turn into a family face with TV."

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