Dharmendra Trolls Hema Malini

After MP Hema, Malini was out for a cleanliness drive at the Parliament to promote Prime Minister Narendra Modi's project, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
Dharmendra Trolls Hema Malini
As soon as the video went viral trolls couldn't stop laughing hard over it.

Moreover, the latest to join them was Hema Malini's husband, Dharmendra.

The veteran posted a funny message on Twitter that added to the troll stating that Hema looked like a novice to him too.

However, he would always help his mother during childhood with household chores, and he was very efficient at sweeping with brooms.

However, the Dharam soon realized that he has goofed up and he took to his Twitter handle to apologize for that earlier tweet.

He wrote that he has been misunderstood and that he will never tweet about the broom again.

Along with the tweet he shared an old picture of himself where he is seen folding his hands to apologize.

Hema Malini became reading material for memes on social media after a video of her awkwardly trying to sweep outside Parliament as part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan started doing rounds on the social media.

It seems like Dharmendra realized that his tweet could ruffle a few feathers between their relationship and so he instead chose to apologize in the cutest possible way.

Hema and Dharmendra have always set relationship goals since they got married in 1979 which was on the sets of Tum haseen main jawan.' where she met the man of her dreams Dharmendra.

However, initially was reluctant to pursue her relationship with him because he was already a married man, but this didn't stop Dharmendra from falling in love with Hema.

In retrospect, their main was the relentless pursuit for the dream girl had kept their love deviation interesting, which can be witnessed even today.

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