Ishaan Khattar Is Jobless

Ishaan Khattar made a promising debut with the film Dhadak opposite Jhanvi Kapoor.
ishaan khattar is jobless

He was praised a lot for his acting and dancing skills.

He is a star kid, and he has made his debut with the super hit film. So, it is obvious he has become very famous in the short period of time

However, it looks like Ishaan has become too proud and overconfident because of his stardom and because of his too much pride and arrogance Ishaan Khattar has become jobless

Ishaan Khattar does not have a single film in his bag, and he should blame himself

Ishaan has done only one film, and he has rejected two films

The other newcomers are dying to get films and, on the other hand, is rejecting one after another film
A few days ago reports came that Ishaan has been cast in Meera Nair's next film. The film was an adaption of  the novel 'a suitable boy.'

The reason Ishaan stepped down from Meera nails film was director Vishal Bharadwaj

Director Vishal Bharadwaj is currently working on his next film which is the Hindi adaption of midnight children

Ishaan and the director had discussed the projects earlier, Ishaan read the script and said yes immediately  

Ishaan wanted to change and add a few things to the script, he had talked to the director about the issue, but the director thought there was nothing that can be changed and that's why Ishaan just walked out of the film.

Well it probably was not the best decision.

To say no to a film at the starting of one's career can ruin anybody's career 

After saying no to not one but two big films Ishaan currently do not have any film in his bag 

Right now Ishaan's only chance to save his career is 'Neerja' film's director Ram Madhvani's next film.

The director is making an action drama; he has cast shahid as the lead of the film.

Ishaan has been offered the second lead, and as per now Ishaan has said yes

However, going by Ishaan's career choices till now we will not be surprised if he says no to this film as well

What do you have to say about Ishaan Khattar's career choices do let us know in comments?

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