Jacqueline Fernandez Created Her Official YouTube Channel

Jacqueline Fernandez Created Her Official YouTube Channel

Jacqueline Fernandez Created Her Official YouTube Channel

Jacqueline Fernandez has finally chosen the best way to be close to her fans.

The actress recently launched her youtube channel to share details of her life's journey with fans and the channel already has over 8,000 subscribers.
Earlier Jacqueline had stated that her channel would also revolve around topics of fashion travel fitness and even motivate people to overcome their fears.

"I know it's something that people should be doing, it's like a confidence thing, but oh my god looking in the mirror and saying hey I look perfect, I would think to myself am I being me am I being right to me coz there's a lot of the times like this, especially in the past where you know you get dolled up for your red carpet, so you get dolled up for pictures or whatever it is but you're not yourself right.
So I think the days that I feel good about myself is the day I'm being the truest to myself, and that would be you know again like I said I'm at my most comfortable I'm at my most ease, and I'm just being who I am."

Well her first video on the channel is out, and it's all about the actor's journey from her childhood to where she is today.

In the video, she thanked her parents who have always been supportive of her dreams and aspirations.

She also credited her mother for capturing and recording the perfect moments of her childhood.

Jacqueline also spoke about her modeling career which eventually led her to become the Miss Universe Srilanka in 2006.

"I started modeling when I was just 14 years old, so I'm so used to being around this world and is very fascinated by it also and of course our debut film Aladdin."

Jacqueline is known as one of the most active Bollywood  celebrities on social media with over 30 million followers on Instagram and over 30 million followers on Twitter.

The actress knows her way to woo her fans.

In June Alia Bhatt too had launched her digital channel to open up about her life with fans.

Priyanka Chopra and Shilpa Shetty Kundra are other Bollywood actresses who have their own YouTube channels.

Jacqueline is now entering into the digital space with her most anticipated upcoming ott miss serial killer who will mark her debut on the digital platform.

The actress would be seen in her upcoming movie kick two where she will be seen sharing the screen space with Salman Khan once again.

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