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Kangana Ranaut Sends Legal Notice To Press

Kangana Ranaut Sends Legal Notice To Press 

Kangana Ranaut Sends Legal Notice To Press
Kangna Ranaut has sent a legal notice to the entertainment journalist guild and the press club of India.

The notice demands that the ban imposed on coverage of matters related to her be lifted within 24 hours.

Kangna has issued the ban by the EJG after an altercation she had with a PTI journalist at the recent press event for her film Judgemental Hai Kya.

The original notice was titled "your wrongful immoral unethical and illegal acts of lending support to a journalist named Mr. Justin Rao.

Who is not only accused of indulging in unethical and illegal activities by intentionally violating norms of journalistic conduct and various other provisions of the Press Council of India act 1978 by openly ridiculing insulting annoying criminally intimidating and defaming my client miss Kangana Ranaut.

But he is also guilty and liable to be tried under various provisions of IPC - Indian Penal Code 

The notice sent by Kangana’s lawyer included screenshots of various comments made by the journalist on social media against Kangana.

Ekta instantly issued a statement apologizing for the incident which was shared by the producer on both Twitter and Instagram.

The production house, however, refrained from naming Khanna and referred to her as judgemental Hai Kya actor.

The EJG had demanded an apology from Kangana for her remarks but, the actor has refused to give one.

Instead, Kangana Ranaut called a section of the press cheap freeloaders in a video posted on her team's official Instagram account.

Kangana Ranaut's remarks were described as "uncivilized uncultured and unruly" by the Press Club of India which backed the Guild's decision to ban her. 

The Press Club of India said that they support the boycott by the Entertainment Journalist Guild "we the Press Club of  India are Aghast, Anguished and shocked as the incident involving an actress of Bollywood using uncivilized uncultured filthy and abusive language against the media persons we condemn it in the strongest possible words, this behavior and hurling abuses towards journalists is unacceptable" they said on Saturday.


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