Celebs React On Animal Cruelty

Celebs React On Animal Cruelty

Celebs React On Animal Cruelty

Bollywood  celebrities like Sonam Kapoor,  Anushka Sharma, Malaika Arora, John  Abraham, and several others took to social media to bring their follower's attention to a shocking incident.

A stray dog was cruelly and mercilessly beaten up for taking shelter in a building in Worley due to heavy rains.

Anushka Sharma being a pet lover, asked her fans and followers to help the poor dog and give him justice. 

She also wrote, "the inhumanity of this act is just unbelievable, this is the time for a community to step up and find a way to help and get justice for a poor soul who can't stand up for itself."

If there's anyone who can reach out or help this is the time.

Sonam Kapoor, on the other hand, narrated the whole incident as it was recorded on CCTV camera.

The incident happened on July 24th when a resident Mr. Bhatia of the second floor of turfeo building in Worley instructed the watchman to beat up a dog in such a manner that no other animal dares to enter the premises of the building.

The watchman upon being instructed to hit the dog ruthlessly and left it to suffer in the pain in the society's compound.

After the shocking video of the incident went viral on social media, the Bombay animal Rights Association lodged an FIR with the world police against the two accused Mr. Bhatia and the security guard of the building under IPC sections 429 and 34, but in no time the two alleged men were granted bail and were released.

The Bombay animal rights had urged people to gather at the turfew building on Tuesday to stage a protest against animal cruelty. 

John Abraham also shared the information on Twitter and wrote "I apologize for tweeting something so disturbing but the need of the hour is to protect these beautiful animals, and for people who do not like animals, at least please don't hurt them. Shocked and angered by the animal cruelty case over 500 citizens and animal lovers held a protest outside the turfew building in Worley where the incident took place." 

The protesters raised slogans like justice for lucky and don't be cruel towards animals.

Meanwhile, animal lovers have also asked people to sign a petition asking authorities to increase the penalty against animal cruelty.

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