Check Out What John Abraham Has To Say About Clash

Check Out What John Abraham Has To Say About Clash

Check Out What John Abraham Has To Say About Clash
John Abraham starrer Batla House and Akshay Kumar's Mission Mangal are all set to lock horns on 15h august this year, Netflix's Sacred Games 2 and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood are also releasing on the Independence Day this year.

There are several things for the audience to select from, and each of them has another set of people to achieve.

John Abraham has a lot of things to say about clashing with his friend Akshay Kumar for the second time in the two consecutive years.

In an interview with a leading daily, John Abraham said, "If you notice the track record of any big actor, they have always released their movies on vacation. Why should I not do the same? Films always get more footfalls when they hit theatres on special events like festivals, as families step out collectively. When there's a bigger picture opposite mine, so be it. Maybe, I will also have the bigger film one day. I would like to release 'Batla House' because I have confidence in my content and I trust that the content of every other film releasing together with mine -- now or later -- is excellent, too."

He also reveals why he believes 20 steps ahead before picking any launch date, "It's important for me to release my movies on dates which I believe are good for me. I published' Satyameva Jayate' on Independence Day this past year, and it got a good opening. So, I will try to do it, and why not? It's not about self. I've thought 20 steps forward before releasing a film on a specific date. Unlike popular belief, my favorite sport is chess and not motorcycling or soccer. Playing that game has made me to think much ahead. I am obsessed with this and that I even read books on it. I am not stating that I am the most intelligent guy. I am prone to mistakes, also. But for a guy who has failed more frequently than not, I am not worried about failures. At most, I'll fail again. I calculate the probability of success and failure."

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