Facts About Bear Grylls You Definitely Don't Know

Facts About Bear Grylls You Definitely Don't Know

Facts About Bear Grylls You Definitely Don't Know
Bear Grylls may be a renowned personality all over the world, but we can assure you that the man became much more popular in India after he recently featured the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in his epic series man versus wild.

Here are few facts we bet you didn't know about bear Grylls.

Edward Michael Grylls OBE, which stands for the order of the British empire, is popularly known as Bear Grylls.

Well if you are wondering how he got the nickname bear, his only sibling Lara had given him the nickname when he was just a week old. 

Grylls is a survival instructor who became hugely popular after his television series man vs. Wild from 2006 to 2011. 

Bear Grylls is a former British special air serviceman and has expedited the world with many.

Leaders and celebrities like the former U.S. President Barack Obama, Roger Federer Julia Roberts, and most recently our very own Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Bear Grylls climbed Mount Everest at the age of just 23.

On May 16th, 1998, Bear Grylls achieved his childhood dream of climbing to the summit of Mount Everest in Nepal.

He went on to become the youngest British Mountaineer who achieved this feat.

Grylls was appointed the youngest ever Chief Scout of the United Kingdom and overseas territories at the age of 35.

The bear was appointed Officer of the Order of British Empire in the 2019 birthday honor for services to young people and charity. 

The former British Special Air Servicemen is an honorary lieutenant colonel too- he served the Special Air Service unit of the British Army.

He was trained in Paris shooting unarmed combat desert and winter warfare, survival, climbing, and explosives. 

Bear Grylls has taken former U.S. President Barack Obama on a televised journey into the Alaskan wilderness to look at effects of global warming and climate change in the year 2016. 

President Obama experiences the taste of a salmon fish which was allegedly tasted by a wild bear previously.

He made tea from water obtained from a glacier but refused to drink his own urine. 

Obama had said that in extreme conditions he wouldn't hesitate to do so, but he can't just do it for a T.V. show.

Our present Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be seen with bear Grylls on an Adventurous tour into 'Jim Corbett National Park' to create awareness about the animal conservation and environmental change.

The program will be telecast on Discovery India on August 12th at 9:00 p.m. 

Modi was very excited about the relay of the program and expressed his happiness and social media.

In addition to these two world-famous leaders, bear Grylls has also taken Roger Federer and Julia Roberts on the similar kind of adventurous trip.

We can certainly say that Bear Grylls is influential in the way of protecting wildlife and the environment.

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