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Jabariya Jodi: Khwab Faroshi Song Out

Jabariya Jodi: Khwab Faroshi Song Out

Jabariya Jodi: Khwab Faroshi Song Out
The new song Khwab Faroshi from Parineeti Chopra and Sidharth Malhotra's upcoming film Jabariya Jodi is out.

It is the melodious soulful song that hits the right track, the deep uttering of the word Khwab Faroshi sets the tone for the entire record.

The song is picturized on the lead pair of the film Siddharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra with mostly slow-motion shots that go perfectly with the tune of the song.

The song showcases a dispute between Sidharth and Parineeti; the rage and anger between the lead pair will surely leave you anxious and emotional at the same time.

Parineeti Chopra is visibly upset in the sequence but willingly going with Sidharth who intended to abduct her.

Also seen in the sequence is AparShakti Khurrana, who watches Sidharth and Parineeti in amusement and with worry as the duo leaves the place.

In whatever is shown in the song, one can't miss noticing the chemistry between Sid and Pari, which seems to do magic in Khwab Faroshi.

The track highlights how painful love and the separation can be for the two lovers and that Parineeti and Sidharth are the angry lovers with broken hearts.

The soulful voice of Bekheyali singer Sachet Tandon makes the extra song special.

Composed by Parampara Thakur and Sachet Tandon, the track is a lot different from the other love songs with a rock twist.

The composer duo has lent a voice for the song which is penned by Sidharth and Garima.

So far the makers of Jabariya Jodi have released Ki Honda Pyar, Khadke Glassy, Zilla Hilela and Macchardani songs from the album.

The album is the new mix of remixes, feel-good romantics to sad romantic songs.

The songs of Jabariya Jodi can aptly cater to music lovers with various taste in music.

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