Khandani Shafakhana: Reasons To Watch Movie This Sunday

Khandani Shafakhana: Reasons To Watch Movie This Sunday

Khandani Shafakhana: Reasons To Watch Movie This Sunday
Khandani Shafakhana has hit silver screens.

Sonakshi Sinha is in the lead role, and it marks the debut of famous rapper Badshah, while Varun Sharma plays a pivotal role too.

Shilpi das Gupta directs the film, and it deals with the issue of sexual dysfunction.

So what should you be excited about the movie? If you are confused about this then here we give you a few reasons that might get you excited about Aslisona starrer Khandani Shafakhana.

Khandani Shafakhana is quite a peculiar title, to begin with, the unusual title might maker you curious about the film altogether.

What is Khandani Shafakhana? What is happening there? If you go by trailer then you must have got an idea that it has something to do with a clinic. Similarly, the subject of the film may further add to your curiosity.

The film revolves around a sex clinic that deals with sex-related problems that usually people shy away from talking about and in India such issues are grouped under the title of Gupt Rog.

The subject is not something we haven’t seen in the hiding films before, but still, such a subject has the potential to make people interested in knowing more about it.

Sonakshi Sinha is seen in the role of Punjabi girl, and the whole film is on her shoulders, her character comes across quite interesting.

Although it is not some out of the box character than to watch Sonakshi playing the lead might be a reason of excitement to find out more about her story, her life, her challenges, and Sonakshi’s caliber to pull it off primarily by her self.

So the very lovable and famous rapper Badshah is making his acting debut with this film, now people love to hear Badshah sing, and it is exciting to see him act in the movies now.

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