Mahira Khan And Veena Malik Trolled Hard

Mahira Khan And Veena Malik Trolled Hard

Mahira Khan And Veena Malik Trolled Hard
The government of India made a historic move and revoked article 370 of the constitution that granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir, and social media is ablaze to reactions to the recall.

While several Bollywood celebrities like Kangana Ranaut, Anupam kher, Paresh Rawal and many others applauded the move, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan had a different take and seems like her tweets have garnered a lot of attention.

Mahira took to her twitter handle to express her views and wrote “ Have we conveniently blocked what we don’t want to address” this is very much beyond the lines drawn on the sand, it is about the innocent lives being lost! Heaven is burning, and we are just silently weeping”.

As soon as she tweeted, she was trolled by Indian Social Media Users with many asking her to mind her own business.
One of them even inquired about her tweet regarding what is happening in Yemen and Palestine.

Another Pakistani actress Veena Malik who is known for sharing inflammatory opinions on Indo – Pakistan Tension was not pleased on the decision of article 370 either.

The ex-contestant of the famous reality show Bigg Boss questioned India’s decision to revoke the same.

Veena Malik who has made a name for herself in India after being a part of several Indian television shows accused politicians of taking advantage of the situation without raising a voice for the people of Kashmir.

She also posted a distasteful picture on her twitter demeaning the Indian army, and social media is overwhelmingly angry.

Veena Malik  took to her twitter handle to post the image in which she shows her middle finger, her recent tweet did not go down very well with the followers, from sarcasm to anger, Twitterati ensured they shamed the actress withe their tweets, while tried to insert some sense into her others accused her of being a selfish opportunist.

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