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Nach Baliye 9: Nora Fatehi And Natasha Stankovic Dance

Nach Baliye 9: Nora Fatehi And Natasha Stankovic Dance

Nach Baliye 9: Nora Fatehi And Natasha Stankovic Dance

One of the sexiest contestants of the Nach Baliye season 9 jodis, Nataša Stankovic has definitely stolen her viewer's hearts with her hot looks and irresistible flagrant grooves and dance moves at the grand premiere of the famous dance reality show.

The contestant had proved herself to be as deadly as a "Bandook" when she belly danced in Nach Baliye season 9 with famous belly dancer of Bollywood Nora Fatehi who had come as a guest on the show with rapper, Badshah, and singer Tulsi Kumar. 

Nora Fatehi whose dance on 'Saki Saki' has made everyone go crazy and the song created a considerable buzz once again by doing a belly dance on the same song with her best friend, Natasha Stankovic who is a contestant in Nach Baliye.
Both of them sizzled on the stage with their sexy moves.

Nora Fatehi and Natasha Stankovic have been in the modeling industry together and started their career together almost at the same time.

This dance was a symbol of them reuniting after a really long time, which gives netizens primary best friendship goals and continues to amaze the audience.

After watching these glimpses of the most surreal moments shared by the two while belly dancing, viewers can't wait to get to see the whole of it in the bigger screen. 

This belly dance by the duo is definitely a treat to the viewer's eyes.

Nach Baliye season 9 with its exciting concept of having five current couples and five ex-couples is going to see couples putting their best foot forward to dance and making an attempt at winning the winning title and grand prize money of 50 Lakh rupees.

The all-new season of Nach Baliye is being produced by Mega Star Salman Khan, and the show goes airs, 8 pm on Star Plus every Saturday and Sunday.

Watch Nach Baliye on 4th August 2019 at 8; 00 pm to catch the episode, Stay tuned to get more updates about the show.

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