Soha Ali Khan On Breastfeeding Her Daughter

Soha Ali Khan On Breastfeeding Her Daughter

Soha Ali Khan On Breastfeeding Her Daughter
During the International Breastfeeding Week this year, Neha Dhupia started Hashtag Freedom To Feed initiative to create all the girls out there aware of the importance of breastfeeding. 

For precisely the same, the celebrity has been actively sharing her inputs her experiences on breastfeeding her daughter, Mehr by posting a thought-provoking movie about adopting the importance of breastfeeding. 

And now supporting this initiative, Soha Ali Khan, who moms little Inaaya Naumi Kemmu, only came out with the support of Neha's Freedom To Feed initiative and shared her breastfeeding narrative. 

With the onset of World Breastfeeding Week that's celebrated from August 1-7, Soha Ali Khan shared a post on her social media handle where she talked about it was quite tiring and quite frustrating sometimes to feed a starving baby. 

She spoke about how she needed to breastfeed Inaaya in the oddest place. 

"It was one of the difficult aspects of being a new parent for me.  Since it is, I am rather competitive by nature.  I wished to be the exclusive provider of nourishment, and I was very kicked by this lovely, very humbling procedure that was happening to me.  But it was also very rough, very tiring and very frustrating, at times, to meet the rapidly growing demands of a hungry baby"   

I have pumped in an airplane bathroom.  

After the seatbelt signs arrived, I had to hurriedly dismantle everything, spilling lots of very precious breast milk on the way.   I was like, 'Uh... .no,'" she explained in the video. 

She also quipped about how women have frowned upward while breastfeeding in public.  "It's difficult since there are a few facilities that enable us to perform this and it is a type of a taboo subject, and you frowned upon women that are breastfeeding in public.  I strongly feel that they are doing something that is extremely precious, scientific, and incredible.  It actually has to be supported, as opposed to being shunned," she said.  

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