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Sonakshi Sinha Is A New Controversy Queen

Sonakshi Sinha Is A New Controversy Queen

Sonakshi Sinha Is A New Controversy Queen
Recently a video of Sonakshi Sinha went viral on social media where the actress is seen being handcuffed by somebody 

In the video, it isn't clear whether the person in question is a male cop or a female cop, neither the face of the person is visible.

Well as per the law only a female cop can arrest a woman. 

In the video, Sonakshi Sinha is also heard saying that she cannot be arrested like this since she hasn't done anything and is innocent.

Though Sonakshi's face is not visible in the video and focuses only her hands the voice shouting is definitely hers.

There was another video that has her expressions normal and waving out to the people in the room that looks like a prominent studio in the western suburbs.

The social media was flooded with comments that the video is merely a publicity stunt for her film's promotion

S.ome users went ahead to advise the educated people not to get carried away with this news and focus on their respective work.

later taking note of the video getting viral on social media Sonakshi put out a message on Instagram confirming that though it is she in the video, it is not the entire truth

Sonakshi had also found herself amid an unfortunate controversy after she used a word that targeted the Valmiki community in one of the interviews

the Khandani Shafakhana actress them issued an apology after the Valmiki samaj held protests against the actress in UP's Moradabad

the riled members of the community even burned an effigy of the actor in Moradabad expressing their anger on her

while posting her apology on Twitter, the actor stated that if she has heard anyone, it was unintentional.

in the said interview  Sonakshi Sinha was asked about airport looks when she said that she's a fan of casual air put style and that sometimes she's so busy she doesn't have the time to prep for airport look and here itself she used a word which did not go down too well with the community 

Apart from this Sonakshi was embroiled in a controversy in the recent past as well. 

A month ago there were accusations made by a UP based Event Manager of cheating him by accepting the payment of rupees twenty-four lakhs and not performing at an event in Delhi.

Therefore the Uttar Pradesh police had visited Sonakshi's Juhu residence for an inquiry and record a formal statement from her. 

However, the actress wasn't available at home.

Later Sonakshi Sinha had taken to her social media account to share that the accusations levied upon her are false. 

In the defense, the actress had written that an event organizer who couldn't live up to his commitment and thought that he could make a fast buck by maligning her crystal-clear image in the press. 

There is full cooperation with the authorities from her and for the investigation to be conducted. 

She also requested the media not to fan these bizarre claims of an unscrupulous man.

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