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9 Things You Did not Know About The 5th Element!

9 Things You Did not Know About The 5th Element!

9 Things You Did not Know About The 5th Element!

let's talk about a movie from director Luc Besson that is beloved by a lot of your Internet-y types.

And we're not just doing five things, because it would be catchy and make sense.

Here are nine things you didn't know about The Fifth Element, probably.

✔️Since The Fifth Element takes place in the future and all that junk, the costuming was pretty remarkable.

But most people don't know that Jean-Paul Gautier, the guy responsible for Madonna's famous cone bra, also designed costumes for the Fifth Element.

He and Luc Besson met at a party for Madonna in Cannes.

✔️Next thing you know, Gautier was whipping up designs for Mila Jovavich's tasty hoots.

Crazy costumes paired with Chris Tucker's performance are what really brought Ruby Raw to life.

What you may not know is before they settled on Tucker, the filmmakers considered Lenny Kravitz for the role.

I know, crazy.

But you want to know who else they considered? Prince. Yes, the purple one himself.

To be honest, Prince probably had something close to these costumes already in his wardrobe.

So they probably could have saved some money.

✔️The first scenes of the movie, which are meant to be in the Egyptian desert, were really shot in Mauritania, a northwestern African country over by Morocco.

They were the first scenes shot for the film, and these boys were all locals.

But the scenes immediately after the exteriors that were inside the temple were actually shot in England at Pinewood Studios, which means all the boys we see in the interior shots are different boys.

They were cast to match the Mauritanian locals from the exterior shots as much as possible.

The old let's recast and hope no one notices the trick.

✔️The sequences with the Mondoshawans were some of the hardest to create in the entire film.

It took three months to detail precisely how they should look.

Then once the design was in place, they had to put out a casting call for actors who were 6' 9" tall, since only the freakishly tall could fit the costumes.

Plus, it took three people 20 minutes to dress one Mondoshawan.

Getting a gig playing a Mondoshawan was no picnic, either.

The costumes were extremely hot, and the actors had to have TV monitors inside just to kind of, see where they were going.

This scene, where they marched down the corridor into the temple, was a nightmare to shoot, with six crew members on walkies trying to keep the actors from walking into walls or falling over.

The placement of the Mondoshawan's robotic heads didn't let the actors see out at all.

Speaking of those robot heads, all of them were identical.

This made for easy swapping out of the ones that broke down during filming.

But the Mondoshawans to differ from one another in how many spikes they have on their shoulders.

More spikes mean you're a higher ranking Mondoshawan.

Boom, bonus thing you didn't know, and it wasn't even about tasty hoots.

✔️Pretty much anyone would agree that the Mondoshawans are up there in how iconic they are to The Fifth Element.

But there is nothing more iconic to the film than the Leloo's hair.

Early on in filming, they were dying Jovovich's real hair, the mandarin color.

But as the weeks went on, one too many dye jobs caused her hair to break literally.

So they made a Leeloo wig which wound up at the Dumont museum in Paris afterward.

I'm not sure where her orange suspender thong thingy ended up, but if any of you guys know, please leave a comment and directions, and if you have them, schematics to the building.

✔️Speaking of Leloo, let's talk about how Leloo speaks.

Director Luc Besson actually created Leloo's language himself.

Mila Jovovich was tasked with memorizing it before reporting to set.

By the end, Besson and Jovovich were able to have full-on conversations in the language.

And they got married seven months after the film's premiere, even though Besson was already married to French actress Maiwenn Le Besco, who plays the diva, at the time of the filming.

Uh-huh, I wonder what Besson and Jovovich might have been talking about in that secret Leeloo language.

✔️For our next thing, we've got an easter egg.

When Corbin's alarm goes off in this scene, the date is March 18th.

March 18th is Luc Besson's birthday.

By the way, Bruce Willis' birthday is March 19th, so that's also kind of fun.

✔️Moving right along to explosions.

In this explosion, the stuntman's timing was just slightly off, and they ended up engulfed in flames.

You can actually see them vanish into the fire when you put the clip into slow motion.
Yikes! But the good news is they were all right in the end.

There were a couple other near misses on The Fifth Element set, though.

Take this other explosion.

It was one of the most massive explosions ever filmed on a sound stage, and the fire got so out of control, it took 20 minutes to put it out, and the scene had to be evacuated.

Or the scene where Leeloo bumps her head on the pod.

Milla Jovovich actually did really hit her head in that shot.

She says she was covered in bruises by the end of the film shoot.

Head to toe bruises, rambling in a made-up language and broken orange hair.
Yeah, I'd still totally hit it.

✔️The last thing, to create the futuristic world in The Fifth Element, the visual effects team used a lot of models.

The floats in paradise model weighed 7,500 pounds and was the most significant model ever built for a movie at the time?

And all of the exterior shots of New York here are a massive model built by the digital domain.

The clocks you see in the shot are just pocket watches.

And, by the way, that's just a stunt double for Mila Jovovich jumping onto a bag in a studio.

Damn, I am really hooking you guys up with the bonus things you didn't know today.

That's it, but let us know in the comments what are your views on this.


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