5 Forgettable & Embarrassing Bollywood Appearances In International Movies

5 Forgettable & Embarrassing Bollywood Appearances In International Movies

5 Forgettable & Embarrassing Bollywood Appearances In International Movies

We have seen many memorable and well and being as kind as I possibly can be some embarrassing cameo appearances by international stars in Bollywood movies.

Where most of the appearances have not been integral to the plot of the film, mainly banking on the popularity of the individuals to lead to some increase in footfalls in theaters.

There have also been a lot of a homegrown talent that has featured in international cinema, where there have been some iconic appearances such as Amitabh Bachchan in 'The Great Gatsby' or Irrfan Khan in 'Jurassic World' or even Om Puri in 'East is East.'

Priyanka Chopra has transitioned seamlessly in Hollywood and has become an international star, banking several big-budget projects in the United States. 

Where we can undoubtedly applaud and marvel at these feats by Indian actors, there's no doubt about the fact that some of the appearances by Bollywood actors in international movies have been nothing less than dreadful.

Telling you just some of those films that are best left forgotten here is The Filmy Guide's list of five forgettable and embarrassing Bollywood appearances in international movies.

Aishwarya Rai in The Mistress Of Spices 

5 Forgettable & Embarrassing Bollywood Appearances In International Movies

It's often close to impossible for creators to produce the same magic of some of their first projects, it was the case when Gurinder Chadha wrote the 2005 film mistress of spices which was directed by Paul Burgess and featured Aishwarya Rai in the lead role.

I mean, it's tough to live up to the sheer brilliance of Bend It Like Beckham, Bride and Prejudice, and my god was mistress of spices miles away from these gems.

When there is an attempt to create mysticism and folklore, I mean a mistress of spices who has these divine powers has to dedicate her life to precisely that and cannot physically touch anyone otherwise all hell will break loose and combine these two themes with star-crossed lovers from different continents, it's just a creative mess that's tough to bring to any coherent sense.

The film is packed with jarring the apparent but terribly executed stereotypes that, through it's running minutes, will test your intelligence.

The film is packed with unintentionally hilarious moments, especially when Aishwarya's character 'Tilo' speaks to her spices and says, 'why are you warning me chili' I dare you to watch it and fully believe the premise of this film.

Deepika Padukone in XXX The Return Of Xander Cage

5 Forgettable & Embarrassing Bollywood Appearances In International Movies

The XXX series is one of those things that gets as implausible and bizarre as the installments increase.

It rather than being a guilty pleasure action film pretends to take itself too seriously.

The Return of Xander Cage, the third installment technically the sequel to XXX State of the Union starring Ice Cube but having nothing to do with it but being connected to the first film of the franchise that came out in 2002 does that make sense.

The consensus by the audience as well as the critics after watching the film was that it was just a tad bit less nonsensical than the films in the franchise.

Skateboarding on buses, bikes that can seamlessly glide over the water, and a Superman-like escape from an explosion, it definitely tested your patience and how long can you disassociate from reality.

Even more so, the film possessed a very forgettable performance by Deepika Padukone, who played the role of Serena Hunger.

The masses soon forgot the lack of any depth in character, some uninventive dialogues, and leading to an underwhelming impression in the international space, the appearance.

Tannishtha Chatterjee in Unindian

5 Forgettable & Embarrassing Bollywood Appearances In International Movies

It's never a spectacular idea when cricketers venture into films; I mean history has proven this, and I assumed the same before watching the Brett Lee starrer Unindian in which Tannishtha Chatterjee stars opposite the Australian cricketer.

The problem with the film is that it is so cliche and forgettable that you would never expect a capable actor like Tannishtha to say yes to such a weak script.

Honestly, she is the only aspect that brought substance to the otherwise generic love story between a single mother and an Australian English teacher.

The film is shot extremely poorly and rests its expectations on just audiences being just curious to what Brett Lee can do on the big screen.
I mean, there is a sequence in which Lee is watching 'Kick' and imagines himself dancing to 'Jumme ki Raat.'

It's honestly a chapter best left forgotten, especially for Tannishtha, who has otherwise impressed us with the performances in several compelling films.

Mallika Sherawat in Politics of love and Hiss

5 Forgettable & Embarrassing Bollywood Appearances In International Movies

When Emraan Hashmi was asked what would be the first thing that would be found inside Mallika Sherawat's room, he said an idiot's handbook on how to succeed in Hollywood.

I have no idea why the actress had this obsession with making it big in Hollywood when everything was going well for the actor in terms of the number of appearances in the Hindi film industry.

There were memorable performances in movies like Pyar Ke side-effects, welcome, and Ugly Aur Pagli, and then we saw the actor's drift off to somehow fully believe she's going to make it big in Hollywood.

We first saw her in the much-delayed, and bizarre Jennifer Lynch directed film 'Hiss,' where she played the shape-shifting snake, a colossal mess of a film with respect to its production value, script, and performances.

There was an entire documentary made on the difficulty of making the film titled despite the gods, which showcases the directors struggled to adapt the Indian work ethic and penetrate her vision to her protagonist Mallika Sherawat.

In 2011 we saw her feature as the lead in Politics of love, which focuses on a love story that blossoms between an Indian Democratic volunteer and an African-American Republican at the time of the 2008 U.S. elections.

If the American accent of Sherawat was not fabricated enough, her consistent effort to portray this image of a westernized desi was exhausting to witness.

When the ball is in your court swing too far away can be self-sabotage, especially in this case.

Anil Kapoor in Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol

5 Forgettable & Embarrassing Bollywood Appearances In International Movies

Anil Kapoor is one of the most respected and celebrated actors of the Hindi film industry.

The man is featured in films for more than three decades and has just got better and better.

We saw the actor put forth an exceptional performance as he transitioned to do international cinema by featuring in the 2008 Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire and the impressive series 24.

When the announcement of Mission Impossible 4 took place, the Hindi film industry fans were supremely excited to learn that Anil Kapoor is going to feature as an antagonist in the film.

There was so much hype and an attempt by the producers to cash-grab the Indian market that a poster was created just with Anil Kapoor's face on it.

With all that hype, why did we the eagerly waiting audience get? We saw Anil Kapoor feature in a three-minute role yes, a three-minute role as Brij Nath, a corrupt telecommunications business tycoon that latches at women, and that is all.

A man who gets easily swayed by a woman spy just because he is a horny Indian man.

It was painful to see the legendary actor ham his way through an embarrassing role that had zero substance.

It's safe to say Indian audiences were left extremely disappointed, and that was it guys tell us your views in the comments and do share this with your friends and loved ones.

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