Do You Know The Secret Ingredient Of The Super Soldier Serum?

Do You Know The Secret Ingredient Of The Super Soldier Serum?

Do You Know The Secret Ingredient Of The Super Soldier Serum?

There are many different ways to acquire superpowers, and some of them are way less fun than others. 

But while we know how Steve Rogers got his superpowers do we really know what is actually in the Super Soldier Serum. 

Maybe it's a secret, not precisely the scientific ingredient that we've seen as a requirement in the MCU before.

As you could probably guess from the name, the Super Soldier Serum was meant to create the perfect soldier. 

It was developed by dr. Abraham Erskine manta's research was so revolutionary that nobody's been able to get it just right ever since.

Not only to Steve Rogers get to be the perfect human specimen, but he alone held that honor at least until he went back in time to live out his life with Peggy Carter in Avengers endgame.

The serum may make you a perfect human being, but humans still aren't immortal, preceding the Super Soldier Serum worked out great for Steve Rogers who got to become a hero, save his best friend Bucky Barnes and to live out a life in which he helped as many people as possible.

However, we also know another guy who received the serum and let's say things worked out less well for him. 

Yes, Johann Schmidt was always a bad guy but receiving a less than perfect dose of the serum really didn't do much to improve his personality or his appearance.

He's such the opposite of a people person that he probably liked his job guarding the soul stone on Vermeer.

Although it was kind of niche specialization and after endgame, he's presumably out of work. 

But you don't have to be a genius scientist to see the same serum affected Captain America and the Red Skull completely differently. 

Now the official explanation is that dr. Erskine hadn't yet perfected the formula when Johann Schmidt insisted he receives it. 

After that went horribly awry dr. Erskine made some adjustments which is why Steve Rogers is so much more pleasant to look at.

But was that the real reason? after all, nobody's been able to replicate the Super Soldier Serum sense perfectly.

It's not unthinkable to imagine that the first human test went so horribly wrong that Erskine didn't want to make it in vast quantities.

Reddit user the laser shell came up with a theory to explain what the secret ingredient is in the Super Soldier Serum, and it makes sense that it's something complicated if not impossible to replicate. 

After all our MCU scientists have figured out how to go into the quantum realm and travel through time.

So how much is out there that they genuinely can't figure ou,t but as characters like dr. strange no modern MCU science definitely has its limits, and we know that the ohan Schmidt and Steve Rogers weren't precisely comparable test subjects. 

Captain America, the First Avenger, made a big deal about how special Steve Rogers is and how even when he was a scrawny new recruit. 

He just wanted to help people and was willing to sacrifice himself to do so, and then there's Johann Schmidt who was just an all-over terrible human being.

So is it so crazy to think that maybe the serum was actually the same formula and it just affected the two men differently 

After all, dr. Erskine himself said that the serum didn't fail man's it did precisely what it was supposed to do enhanced what was already within 

He accused Schmidt of failing at being human who is actually a pretty sick insult. 

Could the real secret ingredient of the Super Soldier Serum be the intangible worthiness requirement.

When Odin wanted to punish Thor, he took away his favorite toy and grounded him quite literally by sending him to earth.

If he wanted mjolnir back, he had to become worth a vague yet compelling goal. 

Worst case scenario if Thor isn't worthy he can't use the hammer which is admittedly a bummer but not being worthy enough to receive the Super Soldier Serum has much more dire consequences.

After all, is it a coincidence that Steve Rogers is the only human we've seen wield Mjolnir so far.

He did so in the battle against Thanos and Avengers and game and the Russo brothers also confirmed that he could have done so during the age of Ultron, he just didn't want to show off. 

Let's not forget that Johann Schmidt isn't the only person the serum didn't work on. 

In the Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner was trying to replicate dr. Erskine serum which ultimately resulted in the creation of both the Hulk and the abomination.

Now Bruce Banner is a decent guy, but he's definitely not the shining beacon of goodness that Steve Rogers is .

After all, he has so much in her anger that had helped create the Hulk okay.

So maybe Bruce Banner wasn't doing the best job of making time travel possible an endgame, but he was really darn close, and he figured it out pretty quickly with making a Super Soldier Serum that worked like dr. Erskine's really have been so far out of his reach, or maybe he did make the right serum, but the failure wasn't with the formula, it was with the test subjects. 

It would explain why Steve Rogers had such different results than Johann Schmidt and why our hero really is one of a kind.

This is definitely a fun theory, and we appreciate that it isn't just pseudoscience involving the word quantum.

What do you think about this theory let us know in the comment section below.

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