Things You Didn’t Know About Terminator (Probably)

Things You Didn’t Know About Terminator (Probably) 

Things You Didn’t Know About Terminator (Probably)

Here is list of everything you didn't know about Terminator.

💣James Cameron has money to burn nowadays.

After all, he made the top-grossing film of all time,twice. But before directing 1984's The Terminator, he was a nobody in Hollywood.

He'd been fired, rehired, then fired again off of Piranha II and
then he got stuck in a holding pattern trying to get The Terminator made while Arnold Schwarzenegger was busy filming Conan II.

The conflict pushed him to force production from the summer of 1983 into the spring of 1984.

In the meantime, Cameron was so broke, his car had been repossessed, and he was surviving on coupons that his mom would mail him for buy one get one Big Macs.

He'd eat one, and then, save the other to eat the next day.

But, he put the downtime to good use, storyboarding the entire movie himself, and he even did some color panel. Obviously, things turned around for him after Terminator's release.

💣Terminator 2 is one of those sequels where it's just so good you kind of feel a little guilty for maybe liking it more than the original.I mean, come on, look at that gun flip.

What you may not know, is that they had to build a special gun with a larger lever on it so that Arnold could do that super cool gun flip.

In fact, one day on set, he picked up the wrong gun, tried to flip it over, and nearly broke three of his fingers in the process.

💣Explosions and gunfights and car chases and twins.

That's right, there are twins in Terminator II and there are actually two sets of them.

Seth Stewan is able to take on other characters forms after touching them in the scene where he turns himself into the Security guard, they actually just cast twin brothers.

It saved them the cost of doing special effects to achieve the same shot.

The other twin we see in the film is actually Linda Hamilton's
twin sister Leslie.

In the surgery scene, the reflection in the mirror is really Leslie, and they used it.

Used a dummy head for Arnold here. Yeah, we had a hard time telling which was the dummy Arnold 2.

Later on, when the T 1000 takes on Sarah's form, Linda's sister helped out again.

There we can see Linda in the foreground with Leslie in the back, then they switched to Linda in the background to continue the sequence.

By the way in this other scene was Sarah/s is playing with baby John Connor, that's actually Linda Hamilton with her real son, Dalton.

Boom, bonus thing you didn't know.

💣Special effects are critical in Terminator.

But you may not know that one important effect in T2 was digital wang removal for the T-1000's arrival scene.

However, without even looking that closely, you can still see Robert Patrick's junk.

💣Let's jump back to Terminator One.

Did you know that Linda Hamilton's ankle was broken during filming?

She broke it shortly before production began, which is exactly what you don't want to do when you're playing a character who spends almost the entire movie running.

The production had to shift the schedule around so that all the running scenes took place later on after she'd had a bit of time to heal.

Once they got to those scenes, they still had to wrap it daily so that she could do the best she could running with the broken ankle and torn ligaments.

Clearly, she's a freaking badass, which actually segues perfectly into our next thing.

💣Not only did Linda Hamilton get into crazy good shape for T2.
She took her role so seriously that in the scene, where she's trying to break out of the mental institution, she refuses to allow production to be fake this shot of her picking the lock.

She insisted on learning how to really do it, and she does successfully pick the locks and free herself for real in this scene.

For the film's release in England, they actually wanted this scene cut from the film.

Because they didn't want people to see a plausible method of picking locks demonstrated.

💣The Terminator is arguably the most iconic role of Arnold Schwarzenegger's entire career.

What most people don't know is the T800 was originally envisioned as an everyman, who could vanish in a crowd and hide in plain sight.

The exact opposite from a six foot two, 230-pound Austrian guy.

In fact, Arnold was up for the role of Reese originally.

However, Arnold wanted to play the Terminator from the very beginning.

He felt that the bad guy was the coolest guy in the script.
Luckily, after meeting James Cameron for lunch,they both knew that Arnold would make a great terminator.

Seven years later, when they were working on T2, Arnold was afraid to turn the T-800 into a good guy and didn't like the idea that his character wouldn't be killing people.

So he negotiated with James Cameron and Terminator 2 co-writer Bill Wisher that The Terminator would stop killing only after Jon Connor tells him to and he would still get to squeeze in some kills before that.

The final script which Cameron and Wisher had only seven weeks to write convinced Arnold that turning The Terminator into a good guy would work.

Things You Didn't Know About Terminator.
Things You Didn’t Know About Terminator (Probably)

💣By now we've seen Nick Stahl, Christian Bale and Thomas Dekker all step into the role of John Connor.

And soon enough, we'll see Jason Clark take it over.

But for a lot of us, young Eddie Furlong will always be the real John Connor.

Just like Michael Keaton is the real Batman, sorry, separate discussion.

What most people is tweenage Eddie Furlong's voice change during the five months of shooting Terminator 2.

You can hear his voice cracking on this line.

Because Furlong's voice had fully changed by the end of the shoot.

They had to go back and remove his performance for the whole first half of the movie to make sure it was consistent throughout.

Director James Cameron decided not to loop his voice because he felt it worked better if John Connor sounded young and more vulnerable in the moment.

Just a sweet, young boy hanging out with his killing machine that time traveled from the future to thwart the apocalypse.

💣Arnold is the Terminator, and the Terminator is Arnold.

But before we had the iconic movies and sunglasses and leather.

Back when The Terminator was just a script and some concept art,the filmmakers had to figure out who should play this critical role.

And most people don't know that one of the names brought up as a possible Terminator was OJ Simpson.

💣Sticking with the first Terminator for a second, let's talk about this super badass smoke wafting off of Arnold in this scene.

Know how they achieved that smoke? By pouring acid on him, yep, real acid.

According to the filmmakers it was a quote mild acid that they used to get the T800 to smoke.

But Arnold still wondered if there was some other way that they could have achieved this effect, and honestly, I don't blame him.

💣Here is another badass thing that Arnold did for the sake of the film this time in Terminator 2.

That stunt is 100% real, no safety wires, no nothing.

In retrospect, James Cameron confesses that he would never do this stunt that way today because it's so freaking dangerous.

Besides, Arnold might break a hip or something if they do that now.

💣As long as we're talking about how actors put their balls on the line to make these movies.

Let's talk about Linda Hamilton putting her lady balls on the

In the elevator a scene from Terminator 2, she suffered permanent hearing loss in one of her ears.

While they were filming, she went to the bathroom between takes and removed her ear plugs. Then she forgot to put them back in and went back to finish the scene.

Problem was Arnold was firing a ten gauge shotgun in a freaking elevator which is too loud for any mere mortals' ears. And unfortunately too loud for Linda Hamilton too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's stilted delivery works perfectly for the Terminator, since he's a robot after all.

In that scene, Arnold's delivery might seem a touch more robotic.

That's because he's reading his dialogue, it's taped to the windshield of the car.

James Cameron was cool with Arnold reading his lines because he felt like the delivery still worked.

But let's give Arnold the benefit of the doubt and assume he didn't also need cue cards just to remember, I'll be back

💣Let's wrap this up with a thing about a chase scene?

Right here when they're in the cop car, it actually took a lot of movie magic to get the shots they needed.

For one, Arnold isn't even the one driving a car.

There's a stunt guy in the backseat driving the car backward which sounds incredibly hard.

You can see his head in the back window right here.

But, he's not the only guy hiding in the back of the car.

James Cameron is also in the back doing some hand-held camera operating for these shots of the characters inside of the car.

It sounds super uncomfortable.

But, you know, they don't pay old Jimmie Cams the big bucks for nothing, am I right?

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